A clear picture of the location and health of the machinery.
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Perform fleet management, inventory tracking, cargo integrity monitoring, and other business-critical functions.
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Predictive maintenance

Automatically predict when equipment needs maintenance; optimize equipment performance; predict downtime; detect anomalies; and track device status, state, and location.
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Geo Tracking

Asset tracking

Track valuable assets, perform complex analytics and machine learning on the data collected, and display the status of your business to deliver actionable insights.
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Smart city

Technology is changing how buildings are used – but it can also help you adapt your facilities management strategy to rapid change.
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Smart factory

Operate more efficiently using IoT, analytics and cognitive
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Enabling Industrial Internet of Things

The IoT game-changing approach

We design innovative, secure and end-to-end solutions to make sense and value of all the data the IoT provides

no sensors,
no data,
no analytics.

The lack of devices at a faire price and ready to deploy is the main barriers to massive adoption of IoT.

That’s why we have design a versatile and industrial-grade IoT ready to use.

Our secured and ultra-low power IoT has the greatest potential applications.

the right connectivity

As with sensor selection, choosing the right kind of connectivity depends on your business use case needs to be deployed: local, national or worldwide cover.

LPWANs, in their various forms – Sigfox, LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT, etc. – are often the most suitable connectivity solution for IoT projects.

manage your assets

In the simplest terms, an IoT platform is an integrated service that offers you the things you need to bring physical objects online.

It needs to be capable of supporting millions of simultaneous device connections and easily allow you to re-configure remotely your devices.

track and predict

In the IoT landscape, every platform deals with data in some way.

But our IoT data platform combines many of the tools you need to route, store and visualize sensors data.

Finally, we provide you Artificial Intelligence abilities to extract from it all the hidden sense and value.

What We Do

End-to-end IIoT solutions

The IoTify solution are designed to monitor the location and other behaviour of assets all over the world.


Versatiles and durables connected objects or custom made connected objects tailored to your own business


Wireless technologies such as Low-Power Wide Area Network (Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M), Bluetooth Low Energy, RFID, NFC, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and much more


Experience a fully managed, cloud-hosted service or on premises, designed to simplify and derive value from your IIoT devices

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